blogging sucks..kinda

sometimes i wonder how dev bloggers have it in them to maintain posting on their website. does it have to do with their time management? to be honest, i don't know. whatever it is they possess that allows them to stay consistent and helpful, i know i don't have.

i want to atleast try to keep a blog, whether it isn't as consistent as the ones i read, hopefully it helps someone out there reading it. i dont expect many people to read my blog, but i'll welcome anyone who cares enough to pay attention.

although blogging isn't really my thing (yet), i do read some people's and i often take interest in whatever they end up writing about, tech related or not.

recently, i've really enjoyed watching luke smith's channel on youtube in my free time. he does a really good job at getting to the point and giving meaning to the content he puts out. his humor is sardonic and his subscribers love how little he seems to care about his channel, while still having strong opinions about the state of tech.